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Research Article - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Pregnant women predisposed to urinary tract infections: individual and social vulnerabilities

Objectives: Diagnose individual and social vulnerabilities that predispose pregnant women to urinary tract infections (UTI). Method: 92 pregnant women were interviewed treated by the Brazilian public health service. Results: Individual vulnerabilities: 4 (4.0%) were younger than 15 years, 6 (6.0%) more than 35. 47 (51%) developed the infection, 11 (12%) had anal intercourse, 9 (82%) of these developed UTI; 16 (17.3%) had oral sexual intercourse, of which 12 (75%) developed UTI. Social vulnerabilities: 45 (51.7%) had income between US$ 298 and US$ 596. Only 66 (72.0%) finished high school. Of the 15 pregnant women with incomplete primary education, 11 (73.33%) developed UTI. Conclusion: These vulnerabilities influenced the development of the infection.

Author(s): Arnildo Korb, Saionara Vitoria Barimacker, Maria Sabrina Telch dos Santos, Mariana Sbeghen Menegatti, Carine Vendruscolo, Danielle Bezerra Cabral

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