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Case Report - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Post cesarean uterocutaneous fistula with successful repair and successful outcome: A case report

Uterocutaneous fistula is a very rare complication of cesarean section. To the best of the knowledge of the researchers, this is second of such a case previously been reported in the researchers’ environment. A 23-year-old Nigerian (black African) unmarried woman presented four years after cesarean section in a local hospital with one-year history of painful and bloody discharge during menstruation from a previous Pfannenstiel scar. A fistulous tract leading from the incision scar to the uterus was diagnosed. The lesion extended to the lower uterine segment, connecting the endometrial cavity with the skin. The fistulous tract was excised followed by repair of the uterine wound and she had complete relief from symptoms. This case report highlights the rare possibility of uterocutaneous fistula occurring in a woman following cesarean section. Appropriate surgical skills and post-operative care are necessary to prevent this outcome that may be agonizing for the patient.

Author(s): George Uchenna Eleje, Gerald Okanandu Udigwe, Mbanefo Paul Okeke, James Maduka Nwokoro, Lambert Chukwu Onyejiaku, Chinedu James Ezugwu, Onyeka Kodilinye Ibeabuchi, Chinelo Ifenyinwa George

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