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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2014) Volume 4, Issue 1

Pleomorphic Adenoma of Lateral Wall of Nose? A Rare Presentation

The aim of the article is to present a rare case of pleomorphic adenoma arising in lateral wall of nose. Pleomorphic adenoma arises mainly in the major salivary glands (65%), especially in the parotid and, less frequently, in accessory salivary glands (35%). Rare cases have been reported in the lip, the hard and soft palate, the lacrimal gland, and the external auditory canal. It is extremely rare to find these in the respiratory tract. The incidence is even lower in the upper respiratory tract, such as the nasal cavity, maxillary sinus and nasopharynx. In that approximately 80% of intranasal pleomorphic adenomas are found in the septum. Only about 20% are found in the lateral wall or turbinate. They are essentially benign but prolonged duration; incomplete resection may lead to recurrence and increased chances of malignant transformation. So, they should be diagnosed early by using fine needle aspiration, ultrasonography and removed in their entirety with its pseudocapsule and surrounding margins.

Author(s): Usha Kumar Mahesh, Ratnakar Madhavarao Potekar

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