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Mini Review - Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2023) Volume 5, Issue 2

Pathophysiology, biomarkers, and therapies for asthma Endotypes: Exploring the Immunology of Asthma.

In children and adults, asthma is a frequent condition that has a high morbidity, mortality, and economic cost. Asthma is generally acknowledged as a diverse disease, and recent advances in clinical and laboratory studies have clarified our understanding of the immunology that underlies the condition. The future of asthma is endotype classification, which links observable traits with immunological processes. This in-depth analysis of the immunology of asthma covers the pathophysiology currently understood, clinical practise biomarkers, as well as cutting-edge biologic and tailored treatments for all asthma endotypes. Understanding the immunology of asthma will help medical professionals classify individuals according to their endotype and offer individualised, biomarker-driven therapy to efficiently control their asthma.

Author(s): Marvin Varsh

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