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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2019) Volume 9, Issue 2

Paranasal Sinuses Anatomic Variants and its Association with Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Objective: To determine the prevalence of sinonasal anatomic variants and to assess their association with sinonasal mucosal disease and its impact in the Lund-Mackay score.

Materials and Methods: 112 consecutive sinus CT scans were evaluated for the presence of anatomic variants of the sinonasal cavities and the presence of sinonasal disease. The Lund-Mackay score was calculated in all cases.

Results and Discussion: The CT scans of the paranasal sinuses of 112 individuals were reviewed and compared. The comparison included 33 individuals with chronic rhinosinusitis and 79 individuals without chronic rhino sinusitis. The following anatomical variations were found: 24 (72.7%) septal deviations in the rhinosinusitis group and 59 (74.7 %) in the healthy group, 28 (84.8%) Agger nasi in the rhinosinusitis group and 70 (88.6%) in the healthy group, 8 (24.2%) Onodi cell in the rhinosinusitis group and 23 (29.1%) in the healthy group, 13 (39.4%) Haller’s cells in the rhinosinusitis group and 32 (29.1%) in healthy group. None of these results were significantly different between the rhinosinusitis group and the healthy group (p>0.05). The Lund-Mackay score was calculated for each anatomic variant and no significant correlation was observed (p>0.05).

 Conclusion: The results showed no statistically significant association between the sinonasal anatomical variations and the pathologies of the paranasal sinus.

Author(s): Diogo Abreu Pereira, Luís Guedes, Abílio Leonardo, Delfim Duarte, Miguel Viana

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