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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2015) Volume 3, Issue 4

Observation of Different Types of Animal Association and Adaptation in Chitwan National Park of Nepal

Animal association and adaptation are the methods which are going on in nature from the very beginning almost since the time of the origin of the living organisms. Different species of animals are associated with one another in the different ways like mutualism (getting mutual benefit by association), commensalism (the association in which one species gets benefit but another one is neither getting benefit nor any harm). Some species are in the ways that one is killed by another for the food i.e. one species gets benefit but another one is harmed. Association also exists in the ways that animals are adapted by their own ways which enable them to adjust by adjusting their physiology and metabolism according to the need. The present study attempts to study the animal association and the pattern of animal adaptation with suitable example in the natural habitat within the Chitwan National Park and the community forest area adjoining the National Park of Nepal. The study also helps a lot to encourage the visitors and field researchers to make their visit of protected areas fruitful, encouraging and inspiring with direct observation of animal association and adaptation along with the enriched and attractive Bio-diversity of National Park. The study is intended to be not only informative but also adventurous and inspiring for those who are very much interested in the study of biodiversity. It also encourages the local people of the buffer zone and the protected area to create awareness and responsibility towards the conservation of existing bio-diversity which is directly related with their livelihood.

Author(s): Janaki Pokhrel

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