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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 3

Obliteration of Mastoid Cavity with Temporalis Muscle Pedicle and Abdominal Fat Graft and Compare the Efficacy of Each Method: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial

Objective: To compare the outcomes of ab-dominal fat and temporalis muscle pedicle as material for mastoid obliteration following modified radical mastoidectomy.

Material and methods: Fifty patients were randomly allocated in two groups containing 25 in each. In group ‘A’ mastoid obliteration was done with pedicle temporalis muscle and with abdominal fat graft in group ‘B’. Patients were followed up for 12 months and cavity problems and complete epithelialization of cavity were noted. Results: Patient in group ‘A’ had less discharge as compared to group ‘B’. In group ‘B’ 80%, 48%, 24% and 16% patients had discharge at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months re-spectively, and in group ‘A’ 40%, 20%, 12% and 4% patients had discharge at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Discharge in group ‘B’ was significantly higher than group ‘A’ at 6 weeks and 3 months (P<0.05). Although discharge was higher among group ‘B’ at 6 months and 12 months, it was not significant (P>0.05).Another factor evaluated was time of complete epi-thelialization between two groups. The mean time of complete epithelialization in group’ A’ was 8.96 + 8.188 weeks and in group ‘B’ was 17.52 + 9.820 weeks and the difference was significant (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Mastoid cavity obliteration with tem-poralis muscle is better than that with abdominal fat in term of discharge from cavity and time of complete epithelialization of the mastoid cavity.

Author(s): Bhandary S, Paudel D, Chettri ST, Natesh VN, Shilpakar SL, Sah BP, Pokharel A

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