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Abstract - Neurophysiology Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Neuroscience, Therapeutics and Neuropsychological Assessment

the client and therapist on successful in achieving a productive working alliance. The client’s major contribution is his or her motivation. Client who are pessimistic about their chances of recovering or who are ambivalent about dealing with their problems and symptoms respond less well to treatment. Measuring Success in Psychotherapy- Evaluating treatment success is not always as easy as it might seem. Attempts at estimating clients’ gain a therapy generally depend on one or more of the following sources of information’s:- 01. A therapist’s impression of changes that occurred. 02. A client’s reports of change. 03. Reports from the client’s family or friends. 04. Comparison of pre-treatment and post-treatment scores on personality. 05. Measure of change in selected over behaviours. The Neuropsychological Assessment:-Neuropsychological assessment is the process of gathering information about the client’s brain functioning on the basis of performance on psychological tests. Clinicians use neuropsychological assessment measures to attempt to determine the functional correlates of brain damage by comparing a client’s performance on a particular test with normative data from individual who are known to have certain types of injuries or disorders. There is no one set procedure for conducting a neuropsychological assessment. The techniques described so far have shown success in identifying brain abnormalities that are very often accompanied by gross impairments in behaviour and varied psychological deficits. However, behavioural and psychological impairments due to organic brain abnormalities may be come manifest before any organic brain lesion is detectable by scanning or other means. In these instances, reliable techniques are needed to measure any alteration in behavioural or psychological functioning that has occurred because of the organic brain pathology.

Author(s): Bajrangi Yadav

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