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Abstract - Journal of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Nanomaterials for Energy - Science/IndustryChallenges


 Increased understanding of the structure and behavior of materials at the nanoscale is advancing our ability to de­sign novel devices for energy production. Nanomaterials play important role in this effort due to their properties related to increased relative surface, and the dominance of quantum effects. This creates new possibilities for tuning physical and chemical properties of materials by controlling the size and structure of constituent domains on atomic scale. Nanomaterials, due to greatly enhanced properties, have the potential to develop devices that of­fer superior efficiency and cost effectiveness for energy production including hydrocarbon recovery and renew­able energy sources as fuel cells or batteries.

This lecture will also highlight the since/business rela­tionships. The scientific results obtained in nanomateri­als study have not only impact our fundamental under­standing but also provide a path for new concepts and open avenues for designing advanced devices. Such in­novation “on purpose” shows that we shouldn’t do busi­ness without science and shouldn’t do science without a business.

Author(s): Igor Kosacki

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