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Editorial - Journal of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Market Analysis: 5th International summit on Medical Biology & Bioengineering

 Molecular Biology advances were the first modern revolution; Genomics was the second; now the convergence of the life sciences and engineering as Biomedical Engineering is now called the third revolution . According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) most recent report, this third revolution is already having a major impact in a broad array of fields. Advances in information technology, materials, imaging, nanotechnology and related fields have already transformed the physical sciences. Coupled with advances in computing, modelling and simulation the same advances are beginning to transform the life sciences.

The result is new biology-related fields, such as bioengineering, computational biology, synthetic biology and tissue engineering that can uniquely address critical issues in biological communities including modern threats to health and society. At the same time, the application of biological models (to understand complex, self-arranged systems by in-depth theoretical analysis) is already transforming engineering and the physical sciences, making possible advances in fields related to biofuels, food supply, viral self-assembly and epidemic planning, and much more.

The report gives particular focus to biomedicine, a field that is already being transformed by convergence between clinical medicine and basic sciences. While the world recovers from this time of economic turmoil and global recession, an updated analysis from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , employment in biomedical engineering is projected to see the fastest job growth, at 72% through 2018 (current median wage in US: $77,400). The table below summarizes demand for a range of jobs projected for the period 2008-2018.

Scope of the Report

As per the scope of the report, biomedical testing is an analytical technique that is utilized to determine a number of medicines in food, beverages, biological samples, and environmental samples. The biomedical testing technique employs chemical, biological, biochemical, or molecular methods to identify and quantify the microbes. It is one of the important processes carried out in medical, healthcare, and food industries for the prevention of future product damages.

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