Research in Clinical Dermatology

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Commentary - Research in Clinical Dermatology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 1

Managing and preventing effects of anticancer drugs on the skin.

The skin, its appendages, hair, and nails all play a role in overall health, appearance, and selfesteem. In cancer patients, these dermatological structures may be altered as a result of the disease (i.e. paraneoplastic dermatoses), as part of inherited cancer syndromes, or as a result of anticancer therapies such as systemic drugs, therapeutic transplantation, radiotherapy, and surgery. Systemic therapies are used in about 65 percent of all cancer patients, with cytotoxic chemotherapies, immunotherapies, biologics, targeted therapies, and endocrine drugs being the most commonly associated with dermatological side effects.

Author(s): Charrow George*

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