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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013) Volume 3, Issue 18

Management of Peritonsillar Abscess: comparative prospective study of Needle aspiration and Incision & Drainage in central Indian Population

Background: Peritonsillar abscess also called as Quinsy is commonest infection in head and neck region. It is collection of pus within the peritonsillar space as a result of acute tonsillitis and subsequent Peritonsillar cellulites. The treatment is controversial- medical or surgical. Surgical modalities available are- incision & drainage, needle aspiration, quinsy tonsillectomy etc. Materials and Methods: 2 year prospective study was carried out in ENT department of our medical college hospital covering 140 patients. All patients were divided in two groups according to surgical procedures carried out. Group 1: patients who have undergone Incision and Drainage Group 2: patients on whom Needle aspiration was carried out Results: Out of 78 patients in group 1, PTA recurred once in 4 patients and twice in two patients. Conversely 7 (11.29%) patients showed recurrence in group 2. Mean hospital stay 3.6 and 2.9 days respectively in both cases. History of recurrent tonsillitis was present in 62.82% patients in group 1 and 66.12% in group 2. Conclusion: Incision and drainage is better treatment modality as compared to needle aspiration. But Needle aspiration can be utilized as first step of management of peritonsillar abscess as it is simple, cheap, effective and less traumatic to the patients.

Author(s): Vikram Kulkarni, Teklal Patel

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