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Case Report - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2022) Volume 12, Issue 92

Management of gridhrasi (Sciatica) through panchakarma and shamana chikitsa: A case study.

Background: Gridhrasi (Sciatica) is a disease with sciatic nerve compression due to various reasons such as heavy weight lifting, excessive strenuous work and dominance. There's severe pain in the buttock region that radiates towards the toe. Aim and Objective: This study aimed to assess the efficacy of Panchakarma and shaman chikitsa in Sciatica. Materials and Method: It is a single case study. A 35year old male patient had been suffering from Gridhrasi for six months correlated with Sciatica. The patient complained of severe pain in the right leg while walking and sitting. He could not sit correctly and had a tingling sensation in his right leg, and pain radiated to the toe; he was admitted to the Panchakarma ward in Mahatma Gandhi Ayurveda Hospital. He was diagnosed with Lumber spondylosis with Sciatica based on MRI reports. The patient was treated with Panchkarma procedures such as Panchtikta ksheer basti for 21 days, Abhyanga with sahachar tail and Swedana with naadi Sweda. Along with Simhanad Guggul two tablets twice a day, Trayodashang Guggul twice a day, Amapachak vati. Result: Symptomatic assessment of the patient was carried out after one month, and a satisfactory outcome was there, and the overall quality of life of the patient was significantly improved. Conclusion: This case shows that Ayurveda treatment can be helpful in the case of Gridhrasi.

Author(s): Ashwini Parchake, Shweta Parwe*, Milind Nisargandha

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