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Short Communication - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Link ImmunoTherapy in healing mechanism of Prolonged medical Starvaticon 42 รข?? 45 days with very small dosage and weak cytotoxic substances

Treatment by “Prolonged medical Starvation (during 42-45 days)” causes considerable decrease almost of all depots of an organism exhausting organism’s fat and hydrocarbonic depots leading to competition between cancer tissue and an organism for use of remained decreased depot. Protective forces of the organism become stronger due to support with herbal extracts, delivering vitamins and microelements into organism. Increase of fat metabolism from fat depot leads to augmentation GPX and PHGPX in all cells of an organism which neutralize redundant superoxide [O*] and ROS/H2O2/free radicals in G1/S phases cellular cycle of cancer cells cycle suppressing excessive proliferative processes of cancer cells causing elimination irrepressible proliferation and cancer cells depression. Influences Link ImmunoTherapy in “Prolonged medical Starvaticon 42 – 45 days with very small dosage weak cytotoxic substances” on depressed cancer cells promote penetration through cellular walls of cancer cells anticancer antibodies against oncoviral substances for suppression Mitosis-Meiosis phase of cancer cellular cycle where haploid Meiosis phase of viral cellular cycle is deprived. Expression Mitosis cellular cycles of all cells incite T lymphocytes via appearance produced immunoglobulins CTLA-4 and PD-1, and resonance waves of cellular capacitors T memory cells learn and remember waves function of viral substances containing in separated haploid Meiosis phase. T memory cells exert T helper cells, and T helper cells stimulate T killer cells for production antibodies against cancer viral substances which is deprived barriering covalent bonds between Mitosis and Meiosis causing loss viral stem cells function.

Author(s): Ponizovskiy M R

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