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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 28

Light Microscopic Study on the Peripheral Lymphnodes of Mizo Local Pig (Zo Vawk)

The present study provides a baseline data on histology of peripheral lymph nodes of Mizo local pig (Zo Vawk). The mean adult body weight was recorded 34.48±2.18 Kg in male and 21.17±2.29 Kg in female. The parenchyma of the peripheral lymph nodes revealed cortex like tissue, medulla like tissue and reticulum. Several lymphoid segments of various sizes in the cortex like tissues, referred to as “nodules”, were confirmed. Two types of hiluses were recorded viz. afferent type (A-type) and efferent type (E-type). The cortex like tissue contained primary and secondary types of nodules; however, most of the nodules were secondary. The cell population of the nodule was mainly lymphoblast cells, some with mitotic figures, lymphocytes, few macrophages along with reticular cells and plasma cells and occasional neutrophils. More concentration of immunogenic cells like macrophages was observed in the nodule which might be attributed to the better resistance to disease in Mizo local pig (Zo Vawk).

Author(s): Kalita A, Kalita PC, Doley PJ

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