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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 45

Isolation of a Single Live Adult Male Round Worm from Ectopic Site during Autopsy

Ascaris lumbricoides-commonly known as round worm- is cosmopolitan, having worldwide distribution, especially prevalent in the tropics like India. The incidence of round worm infection can go as high as 80-100% in rural areas with poor sanitation. The adult worm commonly lives in the small intestine, 85% in jejunum and 15% in ileum, retaining its position by the virtue of its own muscle tone. But it is also a restless wanderer, showing great inquisitiveness as it tends to probe itself into any aperture it may find on the way. So, although rare, it is possible to come across this commonest and largest intestinal nematode at some odd sites. We, hereby, are reporting a rare case of recovering a live adult round worm from bronchial tree during autopsy. A 60 years old female patient died in this hospital while under treatment for acute gastro-enteritis with fractured femur. As this case was registered as a medico-legal case, a medico-legal-autopsy was done as per rule. During the routine examination of lungs, a live worm was observed in the right bronchus just below the tracheal bifurcation. Careful examination of the worm revealed it to be an adult, male round worm, Ascaris lumbricoides. Other findings in trachea, bronchus and lung were normal, especially no signs of chocking were seen. The diseased was a beggar. Nutritional status and personal hygienic status was very poor. It is quite possible to acquire round worm infection in such scenario.

Author(s): S.S.Raut, V.S.Rathod, S.R.More, H.V. Godbole,M.D. Dake, V.M.Gujar, V.V.Rajhans, S.B.Madewad

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