International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology

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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2014) Volume 2, Issue 3

Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds and Antibacterial Activity of Marine Gastropod Phalium Glaucum (L)

The whole body extract of Phalium glaucum with different column chromatographic fractions were assayed for antibacterialactivity using disc diffusion technique against six human pathogenic bacteria.Among the five column purified extracts F1 and F4 fractions exhibited wide spectrum activities. Highest activity was recorded against S.typhi (12 mm) and S.flexneri(9 mm) of F4 and F1 fractions respectively. Through GC-MS analysis 10 compounds were identified and charecterised. Of the 10 compounds hexanal-2-methyl,1,2-benzene dicarboxylic acid, diisooctyl ester,2,2-dimethyl propionic acid, hexadecyl ester and pseudoephedrine might be responsible for antimicrobial activity.

Author(s): R.D.Thilaga, S.Vimala and P.Subavathy

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