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Short Communication - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Is there a relationship between helicobacter pylori infection and esophageal cancer?

Background: Several studies had shown that Helicobacter pylori infection is inversely associated with esophageal cancer. These studies had claimed that infection had associated with protective effect. However, other studies come out with different conclusion about the relationship, as a result, the issue has remained controversial. Objective: The aim of this systematic review and mata-analysis was to examine the association between Helicobacter pylori infection and esophageal cancer. Method We searched the PubMed, Cochrane library, Google scholar data bases. Meanwhile, we retrieved some articles from the references of selected articles. Case-control and cohort studies were included in this systematic review and meta-analysis up to December 2018.

Author(s): Berhe Dessalegn Tuamay

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