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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

International Network of Palliative Care Managers

I started the activity in palliative care 14 years ago in Bucharest, Romania and what was the basis of a good personal development was my training in Romania, but also the exchange of experience at international level.

I believe that there is an urgent need to develop an international project for palliative care managers. An international network of palliative care managers would help a lot to provide textbooks, articles, curricula that are needed in each institution, examples of good practice could be taken by interested institutions, collaborations in national and international projects, volunteers from other countries with rich experience could train in countries in urgent need. Organizing summer schools, international conferences for palliative care managers, access to information on funding projects, social responsibility, organizing an annual international congress and representing managers in European / international institutions to support their need for palliative care.

The United Kingdom is a country with a lot of experience in this field, so I propose the creation in London in 2020 of an international network of palliative care managers with the help of sponsors / specialists who want to get involved as volunteers.

Author(s): Adriana Caruntu

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