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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013) Volume 3, Issue 18

Influence of chronic Cigarette Smoking on Serum Biochemical Profile among Sudanese smokers

Context: Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for wide range of diseases; however, still there are no laboratory screening tests for early detection of the possible biochemical derangements induced by smoking. Aim: to evaluate serum cholesterol, liver enzymes, uric acid and hemoglobin concentrations in smokers regardless of their present complain. Materials and Methods: the study involved a control group of apparently healthy non-smokers (N = 105) matched for age with a test group of smokers (N = 105). The age range of both groups was 25-63 years. Random blood glucose (RBG), serum cholesterol, uric acid, liver enzymes and haemoglobin concentrations were measured according to the standards. Appropriate statistical tests were used to assess significant difference in the means of the studied concentrations between smokers and the control group. Results: The smokers showed significantly higher RBG (M±SD = 143.7±27.0 mg/dl), aspartate transaminase (M±SD = 26.2±6.0 U/L), alanine transaminase (25.0±5.3 U/L) and haemoglobin (M±SD = 13.5±2.0 g/dl) levels compared to with non-smokers (M±SD = 127.9±26.4 mg/dl, 23.9±6.1 U/L, 22.6±10.1 U/L, 12.8±1.9 g/dl respectively, P < 0.05). In contrast, uric acid concentrations were less in smokers (M±SD = 4.9±0.8 mg/dl) compared with the control group (M±SD = 5.1±0.7 mg/dl and, P = 0.048). Cholesterol and alkaline phosphatase concentrations were not significantly different in the studied groups. Conclusion: the study added further evidences for the possible harmful consequences of smoking including augmented oxidative stress as indicated by low serum uric acid levels and high liver transaminases concentrations, hyperglycaemia and high haemoglobin concentrations.

Author(s): Mutwakil H. Alhibrii, AbdElkarim A. Abdrabo, Mohamed F. Lutfi

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