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Short Communication - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Increasing the quality of life in NSCLC patients by obdivo and taxoter with hyperthermia

Topicality: Treatment of oncological patients and getting clinical remission is an unfortunate Topic even for the 21st century; despite the correctly selected therapy, which gives minimal Risks of complications because of the chemo sensitive tests, there are important problems Connected with the quality of life of patients and naturally we ask questions to ourselves: How could we manage to increase the quality of life in oncological patients on the 3rd and 4th levels and decrease the number of the side effects that accompany Ch/therapy and R/therapy procedures. Aim: The aim of the study was the patient with a 55-year diagnosis: NSCLC Thigh bone MTS, 3rd stage; R /therapy and 4 Courses CH /therapy; ECOG-2. Clinical remission was not achieved; Symptoms of progression of the hip fracture were Strengthened, and the institution was addressed with the aforementioned history. Methods and Materials: For the patient was selected CH/courses with hyperthermia and target therapy, we use Docetaxel 80 mg / m2 and oblivion recommended to strengthen the course effectiveness, weaken toxicity and to improve the quality of life recommended for the treatment CH/therapy + target therapy with hyperthermia and hypoglycaemia; For this procedure, a hyperthermic camera was installed, where the procedure is carried out at 43-48 degrees Celsius, and we have a sugar content of 25-30000 per one 40-45 mm / l in the bloodstream

Author(s): S Badzgaradze

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