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Research Article - Immunology Case Reports (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Impact of active and second hand tobacco smoke on CRS patients: comparative analysis by CT scanning and nasal endoscopy.

Aim: To evaluate the association between active smoking, second hand tobacco smoke (SHS) exposure and chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). Material and methodology: 100 cases with a confirmed diagnosis of CRS, were evaluated with anterior rhinoscopy, nasal endoscopy and plain radiography & CT scans of paranasal sinuses. A validated questionnaire was used to assess past and present active smoking and SHS. Results: CRS cases exposed to active smoking (n=21) and SHS (n=28) had worse mean scores in nasal endoscopy Lund-Kennedy scores, being 8.61 for active smokers and 8.07 for SHS, than cases without smoking exposure (n=51) being 7.30. CRS cases exposed to active smoking (n=21) and SHS (n=28) had worse mean scores in Lund-Mackay staging system on CT Scans, being 10.43 for active smokers and 9.37 for SHS, than cases without Smoking exposure (n=51) for which it was 7.67. Conclusion: Tobacco smoke exposure has been found to a significant risk factor for CRS. Cigarette smoke, either through active smoking or second hand smoke exposure contributes directly to CRS. Exposure to second hand smoking during childhood and adulthood is an established risk factor for CRS. SHS exposure should be included in the medical history of the patient as it represents an opportunity for otolaryngologists to advise their patients about avoiding SHS.

Author(s): Sushant Tyagi, Brajpal Singh Tyagi

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