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Short Communication - Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research (2022) Volume 7, Issue 5

Immunological involvement with in nervous system & cerebrovascular disease.

A better understanding of these interactions may be important for the treatment of patients with stroke and other types of central nervous system injury, according to increasing evidence that the immune system and the central nervous system interact in complicated ways. Inflammation brought on by arterial injury from atherosclerosis, autoimmune illness, and physiological stressors like infection or surgery raises the risk of stroke. The immune system additionally plays a vital role in the immediate pathogenesis of stroke. A cascade of intravascular inflammation is sparked by thrombosis and hypoxia and is further enhanced by the innate immune response to cellular injury in the parenchyma. Although there is a chance that secondary tissue damage would result from this immune activation, it is uncertain whether clinical advantages will come from reducing the initial immune response to stroke. The central nervous system injury that results from a stroke creates a severe immunodepression that puts patients at an increased risk of infections like pneumonia; therefore efforts to reduce immunological activity after a stroke may have unfavourable outcomes. Author(s): Ameya Kshirsagar

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