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Perspective - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2023) Volume 6, Issue 1

Hypopharyngeal cancer treatment by ENT by Myosin light chain kinase

Hypo Pharyngeal cancer squamous cell carcinoma with the most exceedingly bad guess among the head and neck cancers. Generally, the 5-year survival rate remains destitute in spite of the fact that demonstrative imaging, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical strategies have been progressed. The mortality of patients with hypopharyngeal cancer is mostly due to an expanded probability of creating a moment essential danger and metastasis. In this consider, we found that MLCK expression, compared to sound tissue, was up-regulated in hypopharyngeal tumor tissue. Of specific intrigued, a moo 5-year survival rate was emphatically related with MLCK expression.

Author(s): Alessio Debaene

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