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Research Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2020) Volume 10, Issue 4

HPV-positive Laryngeal Carcinomas: Epidemiological, Virological and progressive features

Objectve: The aim of this work was to determine the molecular prevalence of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in laryngeal carcinomas and to identfy its circulatng genotypes.
Patents and methods: This was a descriptve, retrospectve study of 20 years which included all the patents followed in otolaryngology department for laryngeal carcinoma. The virological analysis was done on the laryngeal biopsy pieces included in parafn using the Gene Xpert technique. This technique uses real-tme PCR to identfy oncogenic HPV genotypes.
Results: A total of 108 patents with laryngeal carcinomas were collected. Among them, 21 samples were associated with oncogenic HPV, a molecular prevalence of 19.4%. These were the HPV 18/45 (14.28%), HPV-16 (28.57%) and the group of HPVs with high oncogenic risk other than 18/45 and 16 (57.15%). All of these patents were male, mean age was 35.71 ± 3.17, and 85.7% of them were under 40 compared to patents with carcinomas not associated with HPV (P=0.0003). Oral-genital contact was the main risk factor for contaminaton in all of these patents (P=0.0002). The HPV-positve laryngeal carcinomas were all micro-invasive and the patents had beter survival compared to those who had HPV-negatve carcinomas (P=0.0001).
Conclusion: HPV-positve laryngeal carcinomas are most ofen observed in subjects under 40 years of age with good survival at 12 months. The circulatng genotypes in Brazzaville are 16, 18/45 and the group of oncogenic HPV other than 16 and 18/45.

Author(s): Otouana Dzon HB*, Ngouoni GC, Diembi sylvain, Ondzoto GW, Itere Odzili FA, Ondzoto G

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