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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

How To: Accreditation of Blood Cultures: Proceedings. A Clinical Microbiology Approach for Adding Value to Patient Care

Quality assurance and quality management are driving forces for regulating blood culture best practices but should not be disconnected from the end-point target, i.e. patient value.

Aim: This article is calculated to help microbiologists implement blood culture certificate that isactually beneficial to patient management.

Sources: Experience from a nationwide taskforce for promoting quality assurance and competence in clinical microbiology laboratories, guidelines on blood culture.

Content: Experience in blood culture certificate according to International standard ISO 15189 standards is provided in this review, with a particular focus on critical points that are specific to blood culture.

Blood culture test method: Verification is based on risk analysis, and evaluation of the test method's performance is based on the literature review and suppliers' data. In addition, blood culture performance relies largely on the quality of its pre-analytical phase, and the test method should be monitored based on key performance indicators such as the volume of blood cultured, the contamination rate and time to transportation.

Author(s): B Lamy

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