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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2014) Volume 2, Issue 3

Histological Studies on Epididymis Region of Goat (Capra Hircus) Reproductive System

The histoarchitecture of the epididymis region has been analyzed in goat, Capra hircus. The epididymal duct was internally lined by columnar epithelium and basement membrane followed by submucosa containing interstitium, encircled on outer side by an thick band circular muscles and feeble longitudinal muscles and outermost layer of serosa. Various types of cells were observed in the epididymis including the principal cells, narrow cells, basal cells and apical cells. The Principal cells are columnar cells which project their stereocilia into lumen. Narrow cells are the slender elongated cells present adjacent to the Principal cells. Basal cells are triangular and flat cells reside in the base of the epithelium. Apical cells are located toward the lumen. Other two types of cells i.e. Halo cells and Clear cells were not observed during present study.

Author(s): R.K. Sharma, A.K. Goyal and Yadav Veena

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