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Short Article - Journal of Clinical Research and Pharmacy (2021) Volume 4, Issue 4

High molecular weight (HMW) lactoferrin from bovine colostrum have anti-cancer Potentials

For the separation and purification of biomacromolecules such as proteins from natural or recombinant sources, the development and use of chromatographic methods have remained at the forefront of progress made,during the past five decades of research in molecular biology, biotechnology and biomedicine.With the recent aim of modern medicine to develop safe, effective drugs affordable to patients, there has been an increasing interest in milk and whey, as a potentially rich natural source of bioactive compounds. In particular,due to its numerous and diverse array of emerging therapeutic potentials, 76-80 kDa single-chain iron-binding glycoprotein lactoferrin (Lf), is considered the most valuable biomedical protein present in whey. With the successful clinical trials, multifunctional glycoprotein bovine lactoferrin is gaining attention as a safe nutraceutical and biologic drug targeting cancer, chronic-inflammatory, viral and microbial diseases.

Author(s): Jagat R. Kanwar

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