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Research Article - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2022) Volume 6, Issue 3

Hazardous and toxic medical wastes-treatment and control.

Medical wastes are seen to cause a major threat on health and therefore the atmosphere. Safe management of medical waste is critical for providing high-quality, person-centered care, ensuring the safety of patients and employees, and protecting the environment. Therefore, this study aimed to predict the health care waste treatments and effect on the environment and public health. This study relies on an assessment of publicly available information on medical waste, including its nature, hazards, and various management approaches used or suggested by countries with vastly different cultures. The data was gathered through a literature study, an internet search, and a discussion with a project partner. Treatment and management of medical wastes begin with the segregation and assortment observes when that wastes area unit been treated by numerous techniques and disposed of victimization accessible disposal choices. At the worldwide level, the WHO and UN agency are working together to address the regulation of medical waste. A variety of recent global health initiatives and standards have incorporated the safe management of health-care waste into their programs, in addition to the WHO and UN agency world action plan.

Author(s): Great Iruoghene Edo

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