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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2016) Volume 6, Issue 53

Goiter Prevalence in Children in North India Region

Goiter is denotes to the abnormal development of the thyroid gland. The insufficient intake of the Iodine may lead to the Goiter. Iodine deficiency is a lack of the trace element iodine. It may result in goiter (so-called endemic goiter), as well as cretinism, which results in developmental delays and other health problems. Iodine deficiency is an important public health issue as it is a preventable cause of intellectual disability. The goiter survey was done in the rural area of the North Indian district. In the study the primary schools were selected to get the proposed goiter population for the study. The school children’s between the age of 5-12 years were included from the schools. All the enrolled patients were clinically examined for the goiter i.e. development of the thyroid. The age & the sex of the students were also noted. In the summary that the present data showed that the prevalence of the goiter in the age group of the 5-13 in the rural area of the north India. There is need to implement the ban on the non iodized salt in the area. Also the efforts must be taken to improve awareness regarding the use of Iodized salt to avoid the Goiter.

Author(s): Kumari R

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