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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 33

Formulation of Alternative Dosage Form for Cephalosporin (CEFDINIR)

Recent advancements in technology provide viable dosage alternatives for patients having difficulty in swallowing the tablets. In the present study Mouth Dissolving Tablets (MDT) of Cefdinir were prepared using two techniques: Sublimation method and Effervescent technique. The Effervescent agents used here were citric acid and Sodium bicarbonate. The subliming agents used here was camphor. Six batches of MDT were prepared using each technology by direct compression method.
The evaluation of MDT of Cefdinir were preformed mainly for their Preformulation, Physical evaluation and also for their Weight variation and Release studies. All the MDT formulations were found to be within the standard limits.
MDTs prepared by sublimation method showed comparatively low in vitro dispersion time (10sec). The formulation having camphor mannitol ratio 1:4 (MCS4) was found to be satisfactory one. This is because MCS4 exhibiting hardness of 1.67kg/cm2, friability of 0.92%, maximum moisture uptake of 2.92mg/tab, in vitro drug release of 94.77% at the end of 8 minutes and maximum drug release of 98.52% at end of 20minutes in simulated saliva.
On the other hand, MCE4 was found to be satisfactory one among all batches of MDTs prepared by effervescent method. The formulations with higher content of sodium bicarbonate showed extremely less hardness and dispersion time while more friability and moisture gain.
Among both the methods, MCE4 was selected as optimized batch for ex vivo permeability study due to its satisfactory hardness and friability as compare to MCS4.Selected formulation of Cefdinir MDT (MCE4) was evaluated for Ex-vivo permeability studies as per the procedure. Results showed that more than 60% of the drug was permeated within 6 hours in the MCE4 whereas the pure drug fail to permeate even after 6 hours (29.24+0.12%).93.48% drug permeated in case of MCE4 within 12 hours of study. Thus, in formulation MCE4, the permeability of Cefdinir was enhanced in comparison to pure drug.

Author(s): Singh V, Malik S

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