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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012) Volume 2, Issue 14

Formulation Design and Evaluation of Fixed Dose Combination of Diclofenac sodium [sustained release] and Rabeprazole sodium [enteric coated].

The fixed dose combination of diclofenac sodium-sustained release [DIC-SR] and rabeprazole sodium-enteric coated [RAB-EC] was developed. DIC-SR matrix was formulated with xanthan gum using as release retardant to release drug over 24hrs. The concentrations of xanthan gum evaluated at levels of 30%, 40% and 50%. The DIC-SR formulation was optimized by 32 factorial design. RAB-EC was developed with enteric coating polymer Eudragit-S100 at levels of 5%, 10% and 15% weight gain. Instacoat universal®, HPMC based coating material was utilized for primary coating of RAB and secondary coat is given with Eudragit-S100. The optimum batches of DIC-SR and RAB-EC were combined to obtain fixed dose combination and evaluated.

Author(s): D.D. Gadade, N.D. Jagdale, R.S. Kothari, A.A. Heda, P.K. Puranik

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