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Research Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2024) Volume 14, Issue 103

Formulation and invitro evaluation of nabumetonepulsatile drug delivery

The researchers have been honing an oral, cytoclear, pulsatile drug delivery system using nabumetone as a model medicine. Nabumetone is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication used to treat rheumatoid and osteoarthritis-related inflammation. The key ingredient is a hydrogel plug secured to the insoluble hard gelatin compartment before the powder mixture is added. Powder mixtures including nabumetone, croscarmellose sodium, Ludiflash, Lycoat, MCC, and powder were analyzed for explosive properties and FTIR spectrums. Based on the results, we decided to ramp up production of the F12 powder mixing method-based pulsing holders. Acceptable margins are maintained by immersing hydrogel plugs in a 1:1, 1:2, or 2:1 mixture of hydrophobic polymers like ethylcellulose and hydrophilic polymers like HPMC K15M. The dependability of the guaranteed discharge was directly proportional to the amount of polymer utilized. We investigated the impact of varying formulation weights, active component concentrations, and in vitro release studies. Increases in the concentration of hydrophilic polymer lead the pulsation to increase over the recommended withdrawal period of 9 hours, as evidenced by FTIR analysis and in vitro release trials of pulsating devices. Nabumetone took longer than planned to release from the capsule. In vitro tests demonstrated the high clarity of P5F12.

Author(s): Chaitanya Kamanla*, A.V Jithan

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