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Research Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2024) Volume 14, Issue 103

Enhancement of solubility of fluvoxamine by solid liquid compacts

Fluvoxamine degradation is a current area of focus, and this includes identifying fluids with the potential to improve the drug's solubility and bioavailability. Crospovidone was employed as a centrally soluble substance next to MCC and aerosolas carrier and covering materials in R=2 extent, and direct tension was applied to separate the compacts. We constructed 12 different complexity levels by changing the carrier to covering material and superdisintegrant ratios. Comparative risk assessments between active pharmaceutical ingredients and inactive pharmaceutical ingredients (excipients) revealed no safety concerns. Before and after compression, the limits of the Liquid solid compacts were evaluated, and both were determined to be within acceptable range. The findings of the invitro studies allow us to infer that, when utilizing definition F12, the drug is most effectively delivered within 40 minutes, whereas the great majority of the other techniques require around an hour. It was expected, based on the regressed findings, that F12's top-level definition would be comparable to First's in terms of energy.

Author(s): Kiran Laxman Biradar*, Dr. J. Ramesh

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