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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 48

Five novel spectrophotometric methods for quantitative determination of Prulifloxacin in pure and pharmaceutical formulations

The main objective of this present work is to successfully develop one UV and four visible new spectrophotometric techniques. One UV and four visible spectrophotometric methods have been developed depending on the reactivity of various structural units for instance piperazine ring and tertiary amine and carbonyl group in Prulifloxacin. It is observed that the statistical analysis results of correlation coefficient of each method values are observed to be greater than 0.999 which speaks that the proposed methods have good linearity. The order of sensitivity of the said proposed methods are M1> M2>M5c> M5b> M5a> M4> M3. The % RSD values are observed bellow two for all methods which shows that all the proposed methods are precise. The results of analysis of the pharmaceutical formulations assert that the proposed methods are safely be adopted for routine quality control of Prulifloxacin in bulk and pharmaceutical preparations to yield correct and accurate analysis results

Author(s): Panchumarthy Ravi Sankar

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