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Research Article - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Factors associated with the occurrence of the retroplacental hematoma in the departmental maternity hospital of Borgou.

Introduction: Among the main causes of maternal death, there is retroplacental hematoma (Retropl. H.) which requires, because of its brutality and its evolving unpredictability, emergency obstetrical care and preventive measures focused on the factors which determine its occurrence.
Objective: Study the factors related to the occurrence of Retropl. H. at the Departmental University Teaching Hospital of Borgou in 2016.
Methods: It was an observational, descriptive and analytical study of Case-control type using a prospective data collection over a period of 8 months from January 2016 to August 2016.
Results: Among the 141 involved in this study, there were 47 cases of retroplacental hematoma and 94 controls. The average age of cases was 29.38 ± 5.61 years and 29. 67 ± 5.34 years in controls. Retropl. H. prevalence was 3.51%. Maternal age (p=0.0000001); OR=2.30 CI 95%[1.90-2.79], parity p=0.00000037, OR 1.79 CI 95%[1.45-2.21]; intercurrent pathology such as preeclampsia (31.95% 95%), HBP (4.26%), p=0.010648 df=5 Chi2 =14.93; history of preeclampsia (p=0.0458), OR= 2.16, CI 95%[1.86-8.27], Retropl. H. (p=0.0002), OR 3.85 CI 95% [1.81-8.27] and the number of antenatal visits OR=3.33 CI 95%=[1.57; 7.05] p-value=0.0013 are related to the occurrence of Retropl H.
Conclusion: Retropl. H. is relatively frequent at CHUD (Departmental University Teaching Hospital). The factors associated with its occurrence are related to age, personal and family history of medical and obstetrical pathology.

Author(s): Salifou K, Obossou AAA, Vodouhè M, Agbanda LM, Sidi R, Hounkponou F, Atade R, Alihonou E

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