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Abstract - Research in Clinical Dermatology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Facial Skin Cancer Reconstructive and Cosmetic Outcomes: Analysis with Algorithm for Its Management



Background: Management of facial skin cancer and its complications are important research topics needing continuous update to improve the outcome. 

Objective of the study is to share surgeons and health care providers, our findings. The authors provide their efforts pooling data from multiple institutions. As reporting of surgical outcomes is significantly lacking and much needed in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in order to meaningfully improve quality of care. This study proposes an algorithm for management that could aid a surgical decision making for reconstruction of defects after excision of Facial Skin Cancer.

Methods: Retrograde simple descriptive analysis study is conducted for multi-center data about management of facial skin cancer and its cosmetic outcome. The Analysis involves 159 male patients and 95 females.

Results: Non-melanoma skin cancer was reported in 250 (98.4%) of 254 case. Reconstructive procedures were complicated in 16 cases (approx. 6.3% of the study). Skin cancer recurrence in head and neck has happened in 5 cases (approx.1.9 % of the study). Flaps used survived without major complications however V-Y advancement flaps showed the best aesthetic outcome.

Conclusion: This study reports data in order to meaningfully improve the quality of care. Disease incidence, reconstructive complications, recurrences, and aesthetic outcome of facial skin cancer are included in the study. Based on the data pooling; the study proposes a simple treatment algorithm that could aid in surgical decision making. V-Y advancement flaps showed the best aesthetic outcome.

Key words: Skin cancer; Data; Multi-centers; face; Algorithm; Aesthetic



Dr Yasser Helmy is a professor of Plastic Surgery, faculty of medicine, Al-Azhar University.

Dr Yasser had been graduated from Faculty of medicine in 1996, finished his internship in 1997, and then joined The Egyptian army for one year. He got Plastic Surgery residency program training at Al-Azhar University hospitals, Egypt, for three years where he got Master degree in Surgery, at 2001. He had been a Faculty member in Plastic Surgery department, Al-Azhar University. He enrolled inside MD plastic surgery clinical and research program. He got Clinical Doctrate degree and PhD in Plastic Surgery in 2009 He trained on using LASER, VASER and AESTHETIC SURGERY in Florence, Italy and Washington DC United States of America. He is practicing both clinical and academic careers in Plastic & Reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery at the University hospitals in Egypt. He is licensed consultant / Visitor Plastic surgeon in Egypt and Most Gulf countries ; Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai, Qater and Kuwait .  He has special interests in Aesthetic Surgery, Breast Surgery, body contouring, rhinoplasty, hair transfere, hand Surgery, Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, skin Cancer, congenital anomalies, stem cell research and Burn treatment.He has hundreds of scientific lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate students, conferences presentations, CME and scientific supervision and discussions of MS and MD thesis. He has participated as an active presenter, and board panel members in many local and international plastic surgery conferences.


Author(s): Yasser Helmy, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

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