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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012) Volume 2, Issue 11

Evaluations of Statins in Stress Conditions and Their Activity in Brain

Objective: To study the activity of Statins in stress condition and their activity in brain. Materials and Method: Wistar rats of either sex were used for studying the activity of statins (Atorvastatins) in stress condition and their activity in brain. Animals were divided into five groups and each groups having six animals. Freshly prepared alloxan (100 mg/kg) i.p. was given to fourth and fifth group to produced oxidative stress. first group received normal saline, second group received standard drug Piracetum (500 mg/kg) orally, third group received test drug Atorvastatin (30 mg/kg) orally and also fifth group received atorvastatin (30 mg/kg) orally after treatment with alloxan (100 mg/kg.) and by using certain test like Marble burying and cook’s pole climbing we find out the effect of our drugs in different groups of animals. Result: With the help of investigation of biochemical parameters of different groups of animals we found out that atorvastatin showed significantly lowering the oxidative stress and enhancing the memory of rats. Evaluation of group second (standard group) were approximately same as groups third (treated by atorvastatin), and group fifth suppressed the oxidative stress induced by the alloxan. Conclusion: Atorvastatin significantly suppressed the oxidative stress and was found helpful in enhancing the memory.

Author(s): Chakresh Patley, Rakesh Patley, Rupesh Soni, Rahul Trivedi, D N Shrivastava

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