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Research Article - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Epidemiology, clinical features and follow-up analysis of 73 cases of COVID-19

Objective: To investigate the epidemiology, clinical features and follow-up analysis after discharge of COVID-19 patients.

Methods: In total, 73 COVID-19 patients (average age: 50.6 ± 10.8 years) were studied.

Results: Of the patients, 72.6% were infected by contact with a COVID-19 patient, 21.9% were infected by family clusters and 41.1% had some underlying disease. Initial symptoms were a fever, dry cough and fatigue. White blood and lymphocyte cell counts were low in 34.2% and 50.7% of patients, respectively. Chest CT imaging showed multiple ground glass and consolidation shadows in one or both lungs. All patients received an antiviral drug. At follow-up, a small number of patients had an intermittent dry cough, low fever, exertional dyspnea, recurrent pharyngeal pain and somnipathy. Nucleic acid and IgM antibody were positively detected in 4.1% and 5.5% of patients, respectively, and chest CT imaging showed multiple fibrous cords and mild fibrosis in both lungs in 4.1% of patients.

Conclusion: Individuals are susceptible to the novel coronavirus. Contact and familial clustering are the major infection routes. No specific changes in laboratory tests were evident but a reduction in lymphocyte count was common, and chest CT imaging revealed specific manifestations. Some discharged patients continued to display symptoms causing discomfort.

Author(s): Li Yuhong, Hu Xueyuan, Pan Hongwei, Wang Yuanjun, Lv Ronghua, Ai Shaozheng, Jiao Zheng, Hou Fenlian, Tan Xiaobin, Hou Ming, Haining Fan, Shen Youlu

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