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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2013) Volume 1, Issue 2

Emu Bird - Potential Threat To The Biodiversity And Agriculture Productivity of Western Ghats, Southern India

The collapse of emu farming industry in Tamilnadu, southern India made the owners to release the birds in wild. Especially emu were freed near a village Goundanputhur near the Western Ghats, known for its immense floral and faunal diversity. The invasion of emus in this region will cause severe damage to the diversity. Moreover the region is known for its agriculture wealth. If there is no room for the emu farming in Tamilnadu in future, it is better to cull the remaining birds to save unique agriculture and biodiversity and the state government has to finish the job without much ado.

Author(s): S. SANDILYAN

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