Journal of Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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Editorial - Journal of Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Electrochemical detection of anxiolytic and antituberculosis drugs using nanomaterial: A new era in clinical and bio analytical chemistry.

Electrochemical sensors are miniature analytical devices which are broadly employed in many fields such as Clinical, Bio analytical, Pharmaceutical, environment monitoring, industrial, military and medical applications to monitor the drugs levels and toxic levels. The basic components of an electrochemical sensor are a reference electrode, working electrode and a counter electrode. These electrodes are covered in the sensor box and in contact with a liquid electrolyte in a small reactor vessel. The basic principle is flow of electrons from the electrode through the circuit and will be measured through the amplifier. Thus the electrochemical sensors comprise the largest group of chemical sensors. These sensors have more advantage over the others type of sensors and divided in to two types of sensors like chemical sensors and biosensors. Author(s): Cheemalapati S

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