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Short Article - Journal of Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Effects of Ethanol Extract and its Different Fractions of Phrynium imbricatum(Roxb.) Leaves on In Vitro Anthelmintic and their Condensed Tannin Content

Plant materials have been utilized for the treatment of serious diseases all through the world before the approach of advanced clinical medications. The utilization of therapeutic plants still assumes an essential part to cover the fundamental wellbeing needs in the developed countries . Most of the Phytochemical, secondary metabolites of plants, are physiologically active  and this metabolites are known as to give an achieve wellspring of natural, anthelmintic, antibacterial and insecticides [3]. Helminthic infestations are now being recognized as a cause of chronic ill health and sluggishness amongst the children. World Health Organization estimated 2 billion people infected with helminthes and it was also estimated that 100% of all age group of school children are at risk of morbidity . The major phyla of helminthes are nematodes (round worms) which are soil transmitted helminthes that mostly cause the intestinal infection, filarial worms cause the onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis, while platihelminths (flatworms) also known as trematodes like schistosomes and cestodes causes cyticerosis . Current estimates suggest that over half of the world population is infected with intestinal helminths, such as Ascaris, hookworms, Trichuris, Enterobius, Strongyloides, and tapeworms, and that most of these infected people live in remote rural areas in the developing countries . In case of other animals also gastrointestinal parasites causes infections that diminish the animal survival, growth rates and reproductive performance . Morbidity from nematodes is common with diabetes and lung cancer. The helminths parasites mainly subsist in human body in intestinal tract, but they are also found in tissue, as their larvae migrate towards them .

Author(s): Mohammad Shah Hafez Kabir

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