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Research Article - International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2020) Volume 8, Issue 4


A total of 1057 specimen of rodents of 12 species, inhabiting the territory of the Northeast of Uzbekistan were studied. 46 species of helminthes have been identified, belonging to four classes; Cestoda, Trematode, canthocephala and Nematode. The class Cestoda is represented by 17 species, Trematoda-5 species, Acanthocephala-1 species, and Nematod-23 species. The total infection rate of the studied rodents was 39.3%. The parameters of infestation of individual species and groups of rodents with parasitic worms vary widely. The lowest percentage of helminthes infestation in natural muskrat populations was about 3.3%. A high infection rate was noted in gray rats-50.4%, ground squirrels (46.1%) and house mice (42.3%) occupy the next positions in these indicators. The helminth fauna of individual groups of rodents differs significantly. We can see that in squirrels-27, in mice-21, in gerbils-18, and in nutri-2 species were recorded. Comparison of these data, it is possible to characterize the helminth fauna of rodents of various families, which largely depends on the habitat and lifestyle of the studied animals.

Author(s): Khamrokulova Zebiniso Khamrokulovna, Akramova Firuza Jalaliddinovna, Saparov Kalandar Abdullayevich, Azimov Jalaliddin Azimovich, Shakarbayev Ulugbek Abulakimovich, Mirzayeva Adolat Usmonboevna, Saidova Shoira Olimovna

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