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Editorial - Research in Clinical Dermatology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Dermatology Summit 2020: Past Conference Report

 Dermatology Summit 2020: Past Conference Report

Conference on Clinical & Experimental Dermatology and Plastic Surgery (Dermatology Summit 2020) organized by Lexismeetings was held on October 30-31, 2020, Webinar. The conference highlighted the theme, “Raising Era of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery”. Benevolent response and active participations were received from the Editorial Board Members of Lexismeetings Journals as well as from the Scientists, Doctors, Researchers, Students and Leaders from the fields of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, who made this event inspiringly successful. The conference was initiated with a warm welcome note from Catherine Laynn Maley. The conference was marked by the presence of renowned Scientists, talented Young Researchers, Students and Business Delegates driving the two days event into the path of success with thought-provoking Keynote and Plenary presentations. Active participation and generous response were received from the Organizing Committee Members. Professors, Researchers, and Students from diverse groups made this conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2020 from LexisMeetings.


The Dermatology Summit 2020 Conference was carried out through various sessions with discussions on the following thought provoking and cerebrating scientific tracks:

• Keloids and Psoriasis

• Skin Cancer and Skin Malignancy Therapy

• Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

• Tele dermatology and Telemedicine

• Facial Analysis and Rejuvenation

• Rhinoplasty and Dermatoplasty

• Hair transplantation

• Trauma Surgery


The peerless people who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talks were:

1. Gail K. Naughton, Histogen Inc, USA, on the topic, “Naturally Secreted Human Growth Factors for Stimulating Skin Regeneration and Hair Growth”

2. Jack Ray Gallagher, Clarity Pharma Research, LLC, USA, on the topic “Rare genetic conditions in dermatology: Future practice implications - An underdiagnosed example”

3. Rene Serbon, Dermal System Inc, Canada, on the topic “Repairing the Skin Microbiome with Corneotherapy”

4. Reza Akef, Founder of Canadian board of aesthetic medicine, Canada, on the topic “Upper face rejuvenation with combination of filler and neurotoxin”

5. Saira Bi, Skin4U MedSpa, Canada, on the topic “Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Sesquiterpene Lactones”

6. Oyunsaikhan Surmaajav, CEO, Dr Suma’s clinic, Mongolia, on the topic “Morphometric study of facial wrinkles and aesthetic skin as dermaroller treatment combined with platelet rich plasma”


Lexismeetings has taken the privilege of felicitating Dermatology Summit 2020 Organizing Committee and Keynote Speakers who supported and contributed to the success of this event. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members, Participants and Media Partners for their gracious presence and generous support, without which the conference would not have reached the pinnacle of success.

For past conference website kindly follow this link:

Author(s): Alan Smith

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