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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 45

Depression, anxiety and stress among first year undergraduate medical students

We undertook this study to determine the presence of depression, anxiety and stress among first year medical undergraduates studying in a premier medical institution to suggest necessity of interventions to relief stress, anxiety and depression in college students. 200 apparently healthy college students (100 females and 100 males) studying in our institute were recruited for the present study via advertisement on notice-boards. Apparently healthy and willing participants were included in the present study. DASS 42 was used to record depression, anxiety and stress scores. We have observed significant increase in depression, anxiety and stress scores during pre examination period in both males and females. However we have observed higher depression scores in female students in both relaxed state as well as stressed state. Anxiety scores were not significantly different in male and female students in both relaxed and stressed states. Stress scores were significantly different in stressed state in male and female students. It is the need of the time to make medical teachers and medical students aware of negative consequences of high levels of stress, anxiety and depression faced during pre examination period. We recommend that educational institutes should adopt simple relaxation programmers for highly stressed students and provide support for their well being and better academic performance.

Author(s): Priya P Roy Kumar Sai sailesh M A Doshi

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