Journal of Environmental Waste Management and Recycling

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Review Article - Journal of Environmental Waste Management and Recycling (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

Decentralised Solid Waste Management for Kozhikode Corporation? A Sustainable Approach

Solid waste management has become one of the major issues globally, especially in developing countries, due to environmental hazards, like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, greenhouse gas emission etc. In Kozhikode, currently waste is segregated and stored at origin, which is then collected and transported to Njelliyamparamba for windrow composting. However, segregation by households and waste collection by sanitation workers is not proper. Even the composting unit at Njelliyamparamba is not enough for handling all the waste collected. Finally, the rejects from the compost unit and non-biodegradable waste were dumped into landfills. Due to this, the neighboring areas have lot of problem regarding health, pollution etc. Objective of this paper is to identify the type and quantity of waste produced from which to find the gap in the existing system thereby develop a model for implementation which provide solution for the problems in a sustainable way The study aims to find solution for the solid waste management in an urban area in a sustainable approach.. The results shows that the per capita waste generation differs according to income, land use etc. the major gap in the existing system is in the waste collection and treatment, only a part of waste produced is collected out of which a part is only treated. In results part, it is also found the mostly preferred way of waste management technique is community level waste management. In conclusion, a sustainable Decentralised solid waste management system at community level is developed.

Author(s): K.Chithra, Shabana Yoonus

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