Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 30

Cytomorphological changes in buccal epithelial cells of khaini chewers in different age groups

The present study was carried out to assess the cytoplasmic diameter and nuclear diameters of normal buccal mucous membrane in different age groups of khaini chewers. The study group consisted of 105 khaini chewers and 105 age and sex matched controls with no history of tobacco chewing/smoking. They were sub divided into 3 groups each, less than 25 years of age (Group – I), 25 -50 years of age (Group – II) and more than 50 years of age (Group – III). The buccal epithelial cells of these individuals were collected with moistened wooden spatula and the cells were measured cytomorphometrically using soft ware. Students‘t’ test was carried out to find the significance of each sample. A significant increase was seen in the normal nuclear diameter and nuclear cytoplasmic ratio of the Khaini chewers when compared to the controls (p<0.05). A clear proportional increase in nuclear diameter was observed in khaini chewers aged 25-50 years and more than 50 years with a decrease in cellular area. Oral exfoliative cytological techniques could possibly be a noninvasive alternative prognostic marker for detecting early oral malignancy.

Author(s): Saranya RS, Sudha S

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