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Opinion Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2022) Volume 12, Issue 93

Cucurbita Moschata seeds as an anthelmintic agent

Cucurbita moschata is generally established in many areas of the planet, and is plentiful in carotenoids, nutrients, dietary fiber, minerals, and phenolic compounds. It additionally has significant therapeutic worth. Some connected exploration has demonstrated that Cucurbita moschata has the likely capacity to prompt enemy of heftiness, against diabetic, antibacterial, and anticancer impacts. Simultaneously, it has drawn in more consideration in the clinical field. These supplements and bioactive mixtures in Cucurbita moschata significantly affect human wellbeing. To utilize this harvest, it actually needs further review. Thusly, the motivation behind this article is to sum up the physicochemical properties and wholesome parts of Cucurbita moschata, and to give a reference to additional examination on the advantages of on human wellbeing.

Author(s): Shriram Kane

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