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Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2013) Volume 3, Issue 4

Comparative Study of Management with Myringoplasty and Chemical Cauterisation in Tubo-Tympanic Type of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

Introduction CSOM is highly prevalent chronic ear disease. In developing countries like India, where tertiary medical facility is not available to all people, treatment should be cost effective and easily feasible at even primary health centre. With this background a study was performed for closure of small to moderate central perforation with chemical cauterisation and to see whether it is equally effective as that of Myringoplasty or not.

Study design: prospective clinical study.

Methodology: To compare results of chemical cauterisation (TCA) with myringoplasty on non healing small and medium sized central tympanic membrane perforation of pars tensa, 100 patients with dry tympanic membrane perforations. Result: 1) Success rate with myringoplasty and chemical cauterisation were 76% and 72% respectively. 2) The improvement of hearing at 3rd month of follow-up after successful procedure with myringoplasty and chemical cauterisation in term of air bone gap less than 10 db were 68.4% and 88.88% respectively

Conclusion: 1) For closure of small central perforation chemical cauterisation is equally effective as myringoplasty. 2) For closure of moderate central perforation, myringoplasty is superior to chemical cauterisation. 3) Hearing improvement was observed better for chemical cauterisation as compared to Myringoplasty.

Author(s): Kiran J Shinde , Amit Kumar Singh

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