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Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 2

Cochlear length determination in temporal bone specimens using histological serial Micro grinding imaging, micro computed tomography and flat-panel volumetric com-puted tomography

The cochlear length virtually describes the length of the cochlea in a straight line. Sever-al theoretical options for measuring the length of the cochlea are conceivable. In choosing the type of cochlear implant elec-trode, this can play a crucial role. A wide range of electrodes is available, especially among the models designed to preserve re-sidual hearing and structural integrity. It is believed that the depth of cochlear implant electrode insertion has an influence on the functional hearing based on the area of the cochlea that is electrically stimulated.

Author(s): Waldemar Würfel, William F Burke, Thomas Lenarz and Robert Kraemer

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